Equipment rental


Equipment list and prices
rental agreement
rental agreement, alpine touring skis


17.00-17.30 (5.00pm-5.30pm) for most equipment rental, and handing in of all equipment
17.30-17.45 (5.30pm-5.45pm) for rental of alpine touring skis (ski season only)


4tht Floor, Fysikkbygget (Street adress: Allegaten 55). Entrance south (check the map if you are unsure). Please use the doorbell to get in the main entrance.


We encourage those who have rented equipment to meet at 17.00. Always remember to dry the equipment before returning it. This is especially important for tents. If you have rented a sleeping bag the sleeping bag liner must be washed and the sleeping bag must be hung up to dry and vent for a few hours.

If any equipment gets damaged on your trips, please do not be afraid to give us a notice when you are returning the equipment.

The possibility for renting equipment is only open for members of BSI Friluft, and the rental period is one week. Payment is by cash or card. You can sign up for a membership at the equipment room. For further information and a list of all the equipment, please see the “what” section on the top if this page.