Our cabin

Kreklingbu presentasjon

BSI Friluft have a cabin at Hallingskeid (Kreklingbu). Hallingskeid is located along the railway between Bergen and Oslo, about 2 hours and 20 minutes with the train. Kreklingbu is 60 m² and about 500 meters away from the train station. It has a kitchen with gas oven, a living room with beds, an entry room and a sleeping room. We rent out Kreklingbu to our members and others. In addition our cabin is being used for a part of our trips.

How to get there
You have to take the train from Bergen to get to Kreklingbu. The stop is called Hallingskeid. Check www.nsb.no for tickets or buy at the train station.
Prices for tickets are a little more than 260 kr for a student one way.
The cabin is located in the bottom of the valley and is red. Map-coordinates are Sone32 404008 6726707(UTM).

Weather forecast for Hallingskeid
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Kreklingbu from Michael Chandra on Vimeo.

Details about the cabin

  • Information about Kreklingbu
  • Kreklingbu has 5 beds and two mattresses. All of them are quite wide, such that there is space for 12 persons in total.
  • You need a sleeping bag for the beds in the cabin.
  • There is an fireplace in the cabin, and you find fire wood in the entrance.
  • The kitchen has almost everything you'll need.
  • There is a sofa and table with an oil lamp in the living room.
  • You have to get water from the river next to the cabin or by melting snow in the winter.
  • The price is 75 kr per night for members and 150 kr for non members.


If you want to rent the cabin, contact Stian Skjervø. Please inform us about the number of people and dates and if someone is not a member of BSI Friluft.

Mail: hytte@bsifriluft.no


You can either pay at the equipment room or via bank transfer to: 3624.50.20575.
We have a cancellation fee of 600 NOK for weekends if you cancel on a shorter notice than a week before.