About us

BSI Friluft arranges weekend trips during the semester that range from glacier and skiing trips to hiking and biking tours, sleeping in cabins or tents! Our members are both students and former students.

In addition to the various weekend activities we have the following regular activities:

  • Evening trips - These hikes are arranged once a month. They are short hikes in the area around Bergen. We usually start at about 6pm.
  • Mountian meetings - We arrange about 3 "fjellmøter" (mountain meetings) each semester. We invite experienced and well known mountaineers which tell us about their experiences.
  • Semester party and montly pub - A great opportunity to get to know new hiking friends! The semester party is arranged once each semester, while the monthly pub is arranged one Thursday each month.
  • Monday jogging - We usually start at the "Nedre Fløibanestasjon" (the lower station of the funicular to Fløien). When and were is announced on our emailing list and in this facebook group a couple of hours before.
  • Tuesday climbing - We go climbing every Tuesday in Lehmkuhlhallen, or outside if the weather is nice. When and were is announced via our email list and in this facebook group a couple of days before.
  • The Everyday Adventure - On the last Wednesday of the month we go camping in a city near area! We’ll eat supper by the bondfire and stare at the stars gleaming in contest with the city lights, all this on an (almost) ordinary weekday. When and were is announced on our emailing list and in this facebook group

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  • Leder
    Guro Vike
  • Nestleder
    Anniken Kiil
  • Kasserer
    Anne Charlotte Slåen
  • Turansvarlig
    Sebastian Menze
  • Fjellmøteansvarlig
    Sigrid Kvåle Myksvoll
  • Klatreansvarlig
    Ingrid Dammen Vindenes
  • HMS-ansvarlig
    Bård Aarbakke
  • Hytteansvarlig
    Tore Dagsland Halderaker
  • Utstyransvarlig
    Tom Fredrik Iversen
  • Markedansvarlig
    Guro Vike
  • Webansvarlig
    Lars Petter Klem
  • Sekretær
    Andrea Louise Sjøstrøm